AMADA PRESS SYSTEM Automation system for stamping processing NEW

ARPAS   Servo-drive stamping presses (800 kN ~ ) + articulated robots

High-Speed Line System with Articulated Robots and Servo-Drive Stamping Presses

WAVE synchronized control operation helps the system to achieve high-speed workpiece transfer between stamping press machines.

Safety guide (Press Machine)  

1. Improved productivity through WAVE synchronized control operation
ARPAS, with the WAVE synchronized control operation, allows the workpiece to be transported while overlapping the operations of the stamping press machines and the transfer robots. This minimizes processing time, making it possible to improve production time.
2. Improved operability with a line controller
ARPAS uses a line controller to collectively manage robots and stamping press machines’ operation information, which greatly improves operability.
3. Labor saving with an automatic end of arm tooling changing system (optional)
Changing of the end of arm tooling has been automated. This reduces setup time and labor. We offer a wide variety of unique end of arm tooling that meet customer needs and have been well received for many years.

Automated end of arm tooling change
Automated end of arm tooling change

4. Camera monitoring for operational support (optional)
Cameras are installed to monitor the transport status and the processing line, allowing video to be recorded while processing. When an error or stop occurs, the operator can check the internal device information and the video from around the time the error occurred, allowing for early recovery.

Screen of Camera monitoring
Camera monitoring

5. ECO-friendly servo press machines with environmental consideration
Our stamping servo press machines were ECO machines, or environmentally conscious products, which contribute to environmental impact reduction and working environment improvement.
  • Power conservation: Sharp reduction of power consumption*
  • Resource conservation: Reduction of lubricating oil consumption*
  • Working environment: Significant reduction of stamping noise*
    * Mechanial stamping press machine of the same class
It visualises power consumption on the Eco-monitor screen.

Eco-monitor screen


Introduction: ARPAS, High-Speed Tandem Line System with Articulated Robots and Servo-Drive Stamping Presses

Processing comparison: ARPAS, High-Speed Tandem Line System with Articulated Robots and Servo-Drive Stamping Presses

Machine name Details
ARPAS Applicable presses "i3" control-mounted stamping servo press with C-type frames
Applicable robots 2-axis servo robots (top),
6-axis articulated robots
Workpiece holding method Vacuum, electromagnet
Maximum carrying mass 2 kg
Maximum number of connections
servo press/robot
8 / 8

These specifications, machinery, equipment, and appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
Please contact us for overseas specifications.

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