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TM-8A  (ø0.2 ~ ø0.8 mm)


Precision processing with a tool table rotation mechanism that is optimal for fine wire.

Equipped with the latest spring forming program MNO2, the TM-8A has evolved into the ultimate torsion forming machine for fine wire.


1. Improved processing quality with rotating tooling table mechanism
  • The tool table, equipped with eight slides, rotates at high speeds around the quill. The slides can be set to any angle of 360° to the wire, making it easy to set and adjust the shape.
  • Equipped with 11 standard axes for feed, table rotation, 8 slides, and quill rotation.
  • Slides are also equipped with an automatic correction function that prevents the slide from moving back and forth when the tool table is rotated at the forming position.
  • Switching to a square quill allows for processing products with long twirls.

2. Improved operability with the MNO2 (MEC New Operation 2) programming software
  • The MEC original spring program MNO2 easily organizes important statistics about the machine, including program flow, operating status of each axis, inputs/outputs, jump, etc., as with our other spring machines.
  • The program editing function has greatly evolved, and the navigation system function and touch screen make it easier to create programs and shorten the setup time.
  • The servo motor control enables high resolution and precise operation.
  • The motor sensor system makes every slide a sensor. It is possible to measure the presence/absence judgment with a touch sensor, coiling angle, free length, etc. in 0.001 mm units. The measurement results are displayed in tables and graphs, and easy correction control for each axis is possible.
  • Highly efficient production is supported by a versatile production management and data collection functions.
3. Main options
  • RR servo slide: spinner processing, max 3 pcs
  • Servo body slide unit: servo powered diameter adjustment
  • Reverse bending slide unit: allows bending toward the operator
  • 10 mm raising unit: widens the twirling spaced
  • Slip sensor: detects wire feed slip
4. Support for IOT
The operating status of machine can be monitored through mobile phones or computers, and regular maintenance with preventive maintenance functions can contribute to improved production efficiency.


Machine name TM-8A
Wire diameter ø0.2 ~ ø0.8 mm
Max Twirl distance (Using square quill) 36 mm
Index D/d 4 or more
Body slide 1 unit
Bending slide 3 units
Cut slide 4 units
RR servo slide 3 units (Optional)
Max air pressure 0.5 MPa
Power source 3-phase, AC 200V, 15A
Net weight 480 kg
Control device Windows
Software MNO2
Display 15.6” Full HD touch screen
External memory USB Thumb drive
Temperature 5 ~ 40°C

These specifications, machinery, equipment, and appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
Please contact us for non-Japanese specifications.

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