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SDE-i3 GORIKI   1-point / 1500 ~ 3000 kN

Digital AC Servo Press

"GORIKI," which in Japanese means increased rigidity ("GO") and powerful ("RIKI"), is the name of our high-rigidity type stamping servo press machines.

The newly developed " i3" control system with GORIKI.

Safety guide (Press Machine)  

1. High-rigidity frame structure for strengthening longitudinal rigidity
Amada adopted a new solid column frame structure for our SDE-i3 GORIKI servo press machines, with a chevron-shaped structure on the upper part of the front frame, and reduced cutout in the bed front plate. This chevron shape strengthens the longitudinal rigidity and reduces expansion of the frame during stamping. The reduction of frame movement during material breakthrough compared with the conventional models promotes high-precision, high-quality manufacturing.

High-rigidity frame structure for strengthening longitudinal rigidity

2. High-rigidity guide structure for strengthening transverse rigidity
Making the slide gib into a center-gib full-guide structure enhances the lateral rigidity compared with conventional models. The improved eccentric load resistance characteristics sustain stable stamping accuracy.

High-rigidity guide structure for strengthening transverse rigidity

3. Enlarged slide area
In addition to the high-rigidity frame structure, the enlargement of the slide area allows for the ability to install multi-step dies. This allows for a wide range of stamping needs, including high-value added forming of plate, forging and high-tensile strength steel plates.

Enlarged slide area

Enlarged slide area
4. Diverse motion patterns
The operator can load diverse motion patterns into the controls, creating a database of various processing patterns to select the optimum motion for each stamping type.

Diverse motion patterns

Diverse motion patterns
5. Simple Selectable Motion Programming (SSMP)
The new simple selectable motion programming, along with motion sample programming and motion editing, makes the i3 control significantly more simple and easy to program, even for less experienced users.

Processing sample screen

Simple Selectable Motion Programming
6. ECO-friendly servo press machines with environmental consideration
AMADA’s servo press machines were ECO machines, or environmentally conscious products, which contribute to environmental impact reduction and working environment improvement.
  • Power conservation: Sharp reduction of power consumption*
  • Resource conservation: Reduction of lubricating oil consumption*
  • Working environment: Significant reduction of stamping noise*
    * Mechanial stamping press machine of the same class
ECO monitor screen

ECO monitor screen

7. Improved operability of the screen
Three types of basic operation mode screens are provided for ease of use. Verifying the necessary information in each operation mode can be done quickly and easily.





Material: hot-rolled sheet steel, Thickness: 3.2 mm


Production Samples
High-accuracy shear processing

Machine: SDE-1515 GORIKI
Material: Hot rolled mil steel sheet (JIS: SPHC)
Thickness: 3.2 mm
Size: 83 x 46 mm

Pendulum motion
Integrated forming by plate forging technology

Machine: SDE-2017 GORIKI
Material: Hot rolled mil steel sheet (JIS: SPHC)
Outer diameter: ø34.5 mm
Thickness of flange: 4 mm
Axial height: 11.5 mm

Pulse 1 motion

Sample workpieces supplied by OTA CO., LTD.

Systemup Examples

Customers can upgrade their systems by selecting and combining the optimal peripheral equipment and other components.

Coil handling system

The best combination with the GORIKI exclusive straightener-feeder LFO Series.
A variety of lineups according to the processing content and high-operability are realized, contributing to high-precision processing.

SDE-2017i3 GORIKI + LFO400H-GR

Main features of LFO400H-GR
1. Standard equipment with “Analog loop control”
The uncoilers rotation control prevents coil loosening and reduces scratches during forming loops.
2. Standard equipment with “Active Straightening Correction“
The straightener is automatically adjusted during production as the coil size is reduced. Automatically maintaining flatness accuracy.
3. Data sharing of each operation screens
The straightener-feeder shares its machine data with the stamping press, enabling the operator to view the settings on the press operator interface screen.
Model Stock width
Stock thickness
Max coil mass
Max coil O.D.
Feed length
Max line speed
Number of
work rolls
LFO400H-GR 70 ~ 400 0.6 ~ 6.0 3000 ø1400 ~ 500 22 4/3 Air

Click here for details on other coil material supply

Machine name High-rigidity frame
SF (GORIKI) type
Stroke length
No. of strokes
Die height
 SDE-1515i3 SF (GORIKI) 1500 150 ~ 95 380
SDE-2017i3 SF (GORIKI) 2000 175 ~ 75 415
 SDE-3020i3 SF (GORIKI) 3000 205 ~ 60 460

These specifications, machinery, equipment, and appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
Please contact us for overseas specifications.

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