Digital AC Servo Press

Safety guide (Press Machine)  

■ Features(1) : High-rigidity frame structure for strengthening longitudinal rigidity
A new solid-column frame structure was adopted with a chevron-shaped structure on the upper part of the front frame and reduced cutout in the bed front plate. The longitudinal rigidity has been strengthened with the reduced expansion of the frame during stamping. With the reduction of breakthrough amount compared with conventional models, high precision, high quality manufacturing is supported.


■ Features(2) : High-rigidity guide structure for strengthening transverse rigidity
By making the slide gib into a center-gib full-guide structure, the lateral rigidity has been enhanced compared with conventional models. With the improved eccentric load resistance characteristics, stable stamping accuracy is maintained at production.


■ Features(3) : Enlarged slide area
In addition to the high-rigidity structure, enlargement of the slide area has enabled installation of multi-step dies, which has realized to meet a wide range of stamping needs, responding to the high-value added forming of plate forging and high-strength steel plates.


■ Features(4) : Diverse motion patterns
Diverse motion patterns are loaded. By creating a database of various processing know-hows, the optimum motion is selectable to meet each stamping type.


Material: SPHC / Thickness: 3.2mm


  SDE-1515 SDE-2017 SDE-3020
Press capacity (kN) 1500 2000 3000
Torque capacity rating point above BDC (mm) 4.3 5.3 5.0
Side opening*1 (mm) 580×280 650×305 770×350
Continuous no-load stroke rate (min-1) - 95 - 75 - 60
Stroke length (mm) 150 175 200
Die height (mm) 380 415 460
Slide adjustment (mm) 100 110 110
Slide face dimensions (LR x FB) (mm) 950×580 1050×650 1350×750
Bolster dimensions (LR x FB x T) (mm) 1290×750×160 1420×850×180 1740×900×200
Working surface height*2 (mm) 900 1000 1055
Main motor (AC servo),
Continuous rating (kW)
35 40 50
Machine dimensions*2(W x L x H) (mm) 1900×1655×3295 2050×1850×3670 2490×2050×4420

*1 The side opening is the dimension from the top height of the bolster.
*2 The working surface height and machine height does not include the height of the vibration isolater.

These specifications and machinery and equipment appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.
This products is for Japan domestic market.

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