AMADA Welders (Welding machines) General-Purpose Welding Machines


New face of the vertical automatic TIG welder

Pulsed TIG welding power supply for both orthogonal and quadrature digital inverters
Automatically sets the welding current and torch speed by selecting four elements from the pull-down menu: Material, thickness, Fitting Shape, and Welding Method.
Teaching uses a joystick to indicate the start and end points of welding, as well as a back gauge that can be moved up and down (electrically operated) and adjusted (manually) to suit the height and joint geometry of the workpiece to ensure user-friendliness.

Production Samples

  Welding torch Thickness Target product Maximum height
VC500II Air-cooled type 150A
Drive shaft 3-axis
0.8~2.3mm SPC、SEC、SUS、(AL) 500mm


*For Japan domestic market.

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