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RYN 2-axis servo robot

Built-in AC servo motor realizes divers motions with enhanced RY Robot flexibility


1. Offering various feedback patterns via numerical control (NC)

The built-in alternating current (AC) servo motor expands the flexibility for various work pieces and processing stage. In addition, NC provides previously unattainable feedback patterns. The already excellent operability has also been improved. Operations on both the main and sub operational panels are easier to use and better than ever, with an LCD touch panel for easy viewing and our exclusive interface system that makes teaching the robot motions almost effortless.

2. Built-in AC servo motor

Integration of the AC servo motor enables the user to set the height and transfer levels for the left and right sides, within the respective ranges of movement, with up to 99 settings. The freedom to modify the height of the die and the height of insertion and retrieval greatly increases the flexibility for work pieces and processing stages.

3. Well-honed operation panel brings relief to the workplace

Our stand-alone main operation panel employs a large, easy-to-see LCD touch panel, designed to facilitate careful operations according to displays and prevent user error. The sub operation panel, positioned for easy use, is also based on a top-level operability.

4. One-touch removal system (Option)

The one-touch removal method introduces a tool-free system that replaces the bolted on method, trimming the work required for adjustments.


Model RYN100S1 RYN120S1 RYN120L1
Feed length (mm) 800 ~ 1,000 1,001 ~ 1,200 1,201 ~ 1,500
Vertical stroke (mm) 10 ~ 65 10 ~ 100 10 ~ 100
Cycle time (sec) *1 1.5 *2 1.7 ~ *3 2.5 ~ *4
Max workpiece weight (kg) *5 2.0 x 2 4.0 x 2 4.0 x 2
Repeatability (mm) *6 ±0.2 ±0.3 ±0.3
Workpiece pick up Vacuum, magnet Vacuum, magnet Vacuum, magnet
Weight (kg) 300 400 400

*1 Cycle time may vary with workpiece shape, feed length, vertical stroke, etc.
*2 Value when feed length is 1,000 mm and vertical stroke is 40 mm.
*3 Value when feed length is 1,200 mm and vertical stroke is 50 mm.
*4 Value when feed length is 1,500 mm and vertical stroke is 50 mm.
*5 Max workpiece weight: total weight, including finger and workpiece
*6 Precision using automated operations. Value may vary by workpiece and transfer conditions.

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