AMADA WELD TECH Fine Spot Welders Weld heads

Pneumatic type (horizontal) BH-30/BH-60

Parallel pressurization type weld head best suited for welding of automobile electric parts and fusing!

■ A strong lineup of standardized BH series supporting up to a maximum weld force of 600N!
■ Effective for welding of an upright terminal in casing such as an ECU.

welding of an upright terminal

■ A preset type electrode holder and an electrode in optimal forms for your workpieces are available through custom manufacturing.
■ A displacement sensor and a force sensor (load cell) can be mounted as options.

Model BH-30 BH-60
Maximum force 400N 650N
Force range 60 to 300N 100 to 600N
Drive method Air cylinder
Steping motor
Air cylinder
Electrode holder Pre-set
Force sensor 500N max 2kN max
Displacement sensor Available

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