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Laser Weld Monitor MM-L300A

New suggestion of quality monitoring in laser welding!
Available for in-process monitoring!

A machine available for in-process monitoring in all welding.
Available for pulsed and CW laser by high speed resolution.
Light weight and compact design.

The welding monior detects near infrared rays generated in the welding and shows the intensity as waveform. We can compare the waveform of good welding that is monitored in advande and the other one that is detected just now.
The monitor is suitalble for welding quality management as detecting gap, depth of welding, and so on.
It's recommended for the customers who will use laser welder at first time or who are in trouble of welding quality management.

* It means the wavefrom that is monitored in sample test in advance.

■ Comparison judgement
Available for comparing good-data with bad-data. It's effective-use to judge in processing line. *Verifying in advance is needed.


■ High speed resolution
Enable for high speed resolution with dedicated sensor. Monitoring not only CW laser but also pulsede laer.
■ Configuration
This is a configuration to use MM-L300A.
The product seems to be used in production lines.


■ Light weight and Compact design
Light weight and compact in this market. Reducing set-up space when you construct processing lines.
■ Sensor on axis and outside attachment
The dedicated sensor can be equipped our focusing unit with CCD on axis and also can be set outside.
■ Easy to operate
Controlling and preserving data in lap-top installed dedicated software.
■ Available for Ethernet (EtherNet/IP).
It enables to monitor remotely or to manage all of data coming from each procution lines.
■ Compliance with CE marking
* some options are not available. please ask us the details.


Introduing of specifications.

Model MM-L300A
MM-L300A Dimensions (mm) 230(W)×243(D)×89(H) *Without connector
Power supply Single phase AC90~250V 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 18W
Interface D-sub15 pin
Channel 1
Minimum resolution 1μs
Monitoring time 1μs~999sec
Comparison function Analysis Waveform
Judgement Envelope (upper/lower limit setting)
Temperature in operation 0~40℃ (No-condensation)
Humidity in operation 85%RH or under (No-condensation)
Sensor Dimensions (mm) 50(W)×35(D)×96(H) *Without connector
50(W)×35(D)×106(H) *Equipping filter, without connector
Guide light Green LED
Temperature in operation 5~50℃ (No-condensation)
Humidity in operation 85%RH or under (No-condensation)

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

■ Waveform
Schedule layered seam welding / material:stainless steel 304 / power:check below / thickness:t0.3mm
gap:3.0mm / time:0.8s / speed:80mm/s / sensor on axis



■ Video

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