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Fiber Laser Welding System

Arrival of new era of laser welding

High-speed and high-quality processing realized with multi-functions!
The fiber laser welding system proposed by AMADA realizes high-speed and high-quality welding that cannot be done with conventional laser welding machines.
The new in-house made oscillator solves various problems faced by customers by incorporating AMADA’s unique beam control system. Contributes to higher production processing.

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■ Feature (1) High-speed and high-quality processing
"Advantages of Fiber Laser Welding"
・Low distortion/high-speed welding with high energy density
・High-quality welding with CW (continuous-wave) reduces finishing man-hours.
・High heat exchange efficiency reduces running costs.
■ Feature (2) ENSIS technology
"Improvement of response capacity through ENSIS technology"
・Mounting of in-house made fiber laser oscillator [ENSIS3000]
・ENSIS technology realizes beam control according to processing applications.
■ Feature (3) FLW-ENSIS welding technology
"Various functions to realize smooth welding"
・TAS (Teaching Assist System)
■ Feature (4) Easy setup operation
"Various functions supporting robot operation"
・TAS (Teaching Assist System) / Setup navigation
・Welding conditions control function (Processing condition files)
・Z indicator
■ Feature (5) Digitization of welding process
・Off-line setup of teaching operation
・Data creation without backtracking by simulation function
・Improvement of operation rate through off-line teaching


Material: SUS304 / Thickness: 10 mm

Production Samples

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment cover

Food machinery chute

Sanitary pipe

Systemup Examples
Model1 Model2 Model3 Model4
Robot alone Robot
+ Positioner table
+ Positioner table
+ carriage A
2 Positioner
Shuttle specification

* Model 3 carriage is 1.5 m as standard. (3.0 m / 4.0 m can be selected optionally.)
* Model 5 carriage is 4.0 m as standard.


Machine type


Maximum melting depth (mm)


Fiber Laser Welding System



*For Japan domestic market.

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