AMADA Press brakes Press brakes


Provide high speed and high accuracy bending of small pieces

Equipped with dual servo press (DSP) mechanism. New concept machine incorporating ergonomics design and pursuing ease of use.

With the world's first drive system that employs a dual servo press (DSP), it realizes feed accuracy of 0.001 mm increments and high productivity of about 2.2 times compared with conventional models.
By promoting intelligence and comfort of processing, such as NC equipped with built-in CAM and ergonomics design pursuing ease of use based on ergonomics, the machine can shorten lead time and achieve easy operation.


Safety guide (Press Brake)  

■ Features(1): High speed and high precision processing: New servo drive system: Dual servo press (DSP) mechanism
By installing two servo motors for processing and strokes, energy saving and high speed / high pressure processing are realized.
■ Features(2): Intelligence of processing: AMNC 3i
It adopts 18.5-inch large-screen multi-touch LCD panel, it is user-friendly like a smartphone.
■ Features(3): Flexible bending work: ergonomic design
NC operation, mold exchange, workpiece loading and unloading are possible with natural posture. Reduce the burden of processing.
■ Features(4): Skillless · High accuracy: Force control
By controlling the angle by pressure, it easily realizes 90°processing without trial bend.
■ Features(5): Stable gauging: New back gauge system
The back gauges function independently from front to back, left and right, and correspond to the complicated shape of small articles. Visibility is greatly improved with titanium coating.
■ Features(6): Precision processing of small pieces: compact machine
It is a compact and powerful machine that responds to various locations including urban areas.

Production Samples

Material : SECC/
Thickness : 1.2mm




Bending length

Stroke length

Approach speed

Mass of machine







*This product is for the Japanese market.

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